The Dentists / by admin

I have a dentist. She's terribly nice. I wouldn't recognise her in the street without her mask on though. She likes to drop tools on me like drills and has a habit of banging neighbouring teeth with her machinery. Lots of drill dropping and banging of teeth. Every time I see her she does something bad to me and to make matters worse, I am terrified of dentists anyway. I've fainted more times in dentists than you and all of your friends have put together. I've fainted whilst being told what the procedure was going to be, even during the X ray bit. I tell them, the dentists, that I'm a nervous patient and they say "ah it's fine really" but they soon learn it's not 'really'. At the hands of Doctor Fang, to whom I was referred by the dentist that drops tools on me, I had my wisdom teeth removed recently. He was a nice chap but he didn't listen either when I told him about my hyper nervosa disposition to dentistry. As I fell over, just before I hit the floor and blacked out, I remember his last words were, or was, "Oh". But if you're going to fall flat on your face, a dentist's is a good place to do it, because they can put your face back together again on the spot. Dr Fang, wonderful guy.