Yeah baby / by admin

Watch out, you might also get stuck on a train with 15 Japanese people mid way through their hip hop dance class. Mid way through their robotic hip hop dance class to be precise. All beaming satisfactorily at each other despite failing miserably at looking like they might be mistaken for being African American robots. "Oh yes" they say with a bad James 'japanese sub commander' Brown accents, with arms bent at 90 degree angles, their heads off axis as they gyrate to their own squeaks and mechanical noises. Their tutor, a black man in inflated leopard print trousers and a mouthful of gold urging them on with his own examples of impossibly realistic robotic movements, his kind reassurances and words of encouragement "yea baby you doin' it baby". This was happening, I remind you, on a train, exactly where I was standing, all about me, in a tunnel somewhere under New York. I put my bag down and joined in. It was superb. I moon walked all day afterwards.